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Google Adsense HeatMap : Adsense Ads Placement Guide 2017

All bloggers are familiar with Google Adsense name. Google AdSense is the main motivation behind blogging. Every blogger thinks and applies many tricks to increase AdSense amount. According to me, you have to try better AdSense ads placement rather than any blackhat tricks. When we talk about Ad Placement – AdSense HeatMap is one of the most common word which we will hear.

google adsense

Google Adsense is the best way for bloggers to make money online from home but the problem is that, which is the best place to place Google Adsense Ads . Though Google itself suggest to place Adsense ad above the fold for higher CTR. Adsense Ad placement is tricky and placing your Google Adsense Ads will increase your CTR, if you place your Adsense advertisement with the help of Google Adsense HeatMap and without annoying readers. In short with Adsense HeatMap and with little cleverness you can double your google adsense income.

Google Adsense Heatmap Image

According to my experience, non-technology blogs earn double google adsense money rather then technology website/blogs. Can’t Believe? Really, Because readers of technology websites are aware of google adsense ads or other ads and normally they ignore the advertisement but on the other side non-technolgy blogs like yoga, dating website earn double money with google adsense because users of that type of websites are unaware about the advertisement.

adsense heatmap

But google adsense heatmap always helps you to place ads on the better place for earning High CTR doesn’t matter which blog you have, tech or non-tech. The Google Adsense Heatmap placement image will not only show the better position for best CTR but it will help to attract high CPC ads, which will increase your Google Adsense earnings too. Usually, readers start ignoring you if you have a lot of google adsense ads in a single post and you could lose your reader’s trust.

Based on above google adsense heatmap image:-

  • Best place to place adsense ads are the ones marked in Dark Orange
  • Light orange spots are good but not the best
  • Yellowish spots are not right place to place google adsense ads
  • White spots are the worst place Adsense ads

Another few places to place google adsense ads for better adsense CTR:

  • Above the post
  • Sidebar banner
  • Sidebar video unit

Recommend google adsense ads size

  • 728×90 Ad unit below the navigation bar
  • 300×250 or 336×280 below the post title
  • 300×250 on the sidebar

Many of blogger don’t and they got confused between above the fold and below the fold so here is the image for show difference between above the fold or below the fold google adsense ads

adsense ads

do you follow the Google Adsense Heatmap or any other tricks? please let us know your own best ad placement for google adsense?

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