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How To Use Keywords in Blog Post To Rank High on Google Search

Every blogger know the importance of keywords. Writing an effective blog post that targets the correct keywords can be a real struggle for many bloggers. Most of bloggers thought how to use Keywords in blog post which they have found after hours of keywords researching? In this article i will help you to boost your blog  traffic that comes to your blog from search engines by implementing perfect keywords with right techniques.

Note:- When you use Google Keyword planner for keyword research and if your blog is new so don’t use high competition keyword, first three month use low competition keyword and focus on backlinks. Because backlinks is important for your blog’s google ranking.

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Keywords must be used in blog post but smartly, most important in Heading, Title, Body Content, Meta Description or in Focus Keyword (Yoast SEO Plugin) etc.

How To Use Keywords in Blog Post

For post ranking you have to use keywords perfectly or if you use WordPress platform for blogging then keywords using is fairly easy with the help of many plugins and themes inbuilt SEO feature.

using keyword

Without any wait we start our guide and you will implement it on your search engine optimization strategy.

1) Keywords in Post Title

Title is appears at the top of browser when you open any post. Title is one of the best way to use keywords in blog post but remember don’t stuff keywords in title. But don’t stuff keywords in title because search engine and readers first read your post title and it helps visitors to know what the page is all about. So use keywords in blog post title smartly and without stuffing.

2) Only One or Two Keywords Phrases

When you use keywords in blog post content, you have to use one or two keywords phrases. Too many keywords actually hurt your SEO because search engines will think you’re keyword stuffing. You can use keywords in blog post in long tail way. Long Tail keywords is useful for higher ranking soyou can focus on long tails keywords use and try to use limited keywords phrases.

3) Use Keywords in Blog Post H1, H2 Tags

Many bloggers don’t use heading tag between content, they think is’t don’t look nice but actually it’s looking very nice and forgot looks, heading tag improve your post ranking it tells search engine about the topic you covered and visitor trust on post you write. Heading tag attract visitor or search engine.

4) Keywords in Blog Post Multiple Times

Here i means that you have to use keywords in multiple times (without keyword stuffing) and remember about keyword density. Use keywords in blog post according density is important and 2.5% – 4.5% is said to be good for better SEO.  For best result you have to use keywords in blog post first 200 characters.

5) Keywords in URL

Google crawl your post through your post URL. You must use keywords in blog post URL and URL is effective when you having proper permalink setting. Not only search engines but also visitor loves user friendly URL structure. User friendly URL’s are another most important thing in SEO optimization. You can use STOP WORDS in url. I see many of ranked post used stop words in URL but keep it natural.

6) Linked Post With Keywords Is Important

Search Engine Optimization experts believes that google gives weight linked keywords. Linked keywords means interlink post with keyword for example: You Write a post about Google Search Ranking or you linked another your blog post with keywords like Read :- What is SEO? so your post got weight and it’s a good idea to use keywords in blog post link when it’s relevant.

7) Keywords in Meta Description

You must use keywords in blog post meta description. Meta description is a content which is shown in search queries in search engines. Like:

how to use keywords in blog post

Visitor will click your post link after reading meta description. Visitor will click if they find relevancy according search query. See in image i use Google Adsense one time, adsense one time and full google adsense heatmap one time at end. My plan to rank it on Adsense Heatmap 2017 so i focus on Adsense word but i don’t want to look spamy that’s y First i Use google adsense then only adsense and finally full long google adsense heatmap. So adsense got weight and heatmap i used in Title and URL but I change my plan for every post. It’s only an example.

8) Use Keywords in Blog Post Images

Every blog post have images but some few images have alt tag. Alt tag is helps your post image to rank on google image search. You have to use targeted keywords as images alt tag. Google and other search engines crawl that tag and use it in providing results for keyword searches.

Take your time to use keywords in your blog post but i said many of times that don’t stuff keywords. These are few basic tips for using keywords perfectly for improving SEO. Play with keywords but safely.


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  • really very terrific article.. now I understood how effective keywords are.. this is the best article i ever read about keywords.. thanks for posting. really it is very useful for my affiliate marketing..

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