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Event Blogging – What it is?

How i can make money from event blogging ..

Let’s start our make money from Event Blogging  …

Blogging is a way to express your ideas and experience, but now a day blogging is a way to make money online and event blogging is best option for this. If you doing event blogging and got it ranked then you can make one – two year income in just few days only. You can rank high on easily on search engine from this type of blogging.

What is Event Blogging

A blog which is made for some days/months and based on trending topic, national, international, religious, seasons events etc. Valentine day, mothers day, Voting news, sports is best example for Event blog niche. In simple words – Write for specific topic for few days is called event blogging . In my experience these types of blog maximum runs maximum for 30 to 60 days.

make money from event blogging, event blogging guide

Many of pro bloggers also use event blogging for increase AdSense money speedily. When your blog ranked on first page you will get millions views in a single day. Event blogs required on proper On-Page SEO – Off-Page SEO.  Event blog provides information about event, images, quotes, videos and anything that has any interest for the readers.

In a Simple words Event Blogging is a Small Time Blogging on Trending Topics

Scope in Event Blogging

Event Blogging is a short term hot business in blogging field. Scope of event blogging is very high and you can earn high in a short time. Ex – if you run a Valentine Event blog so that’s good Kids want to know what is valentine? or adult want to know what is the best gift for Girl-Friend. These type of queries increase your traffic and earning too. Don’t think about scope all world is your audience in event time period.

Requirement For Start Event Blog

  • Pick a domain name
  • Quality Hosting
  • Blogging Platform
  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing such as SFI, CJ, ShareASale etc
  • Infolinks and/or Chitika
  • Direct Banner and Display Advertising

Best Examples for Event Blogging

There are lot of events got popular searches. You just pick one and start blogging easily with wordpress. Here is a best examples –

New Launches: Reliance Jio, Freedom 251, Champ One C1, Demonetization, Big Billion Day Sale, Deals of the Days.

Movies: Padmavati movie, Thugs of Hindustan, Golmaal Again, 2.0

Holidays: Happy New Year, Diwali Wishes Quotes, Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas event and Latest Whatsapp DP Collection.

Sports: Pro kabaddi leagueIPL, BigBoss League, Wrestle mania, Olympic, FIFA World Cup, Barclays Premier League, World Cup.

So, I have given some collection of information for your reference. You can pick any one and start you event blog easily.

Pick a Domain / Hosting

First of all pick a domain name that reflects it is on event blogging. Domain name have important role in SEO or ranking. Keyword rich domain name tells user about your concept. If your domain name is your keyword then you can get high Click Through Rate. Google algorithm says that Domain Name Doesn’t matter in SEO, but it matters. If your On page or Off Page seo is fine you will make money from event blogging way. If you target India then Use .in TLD, .US for United States or use .COM for global target.

Choose quality hosting, according to google sites speed matters on ranking. You have to check hosting configuration before purchase.

How to Find Keyword For Event Blogging

Important section in make money from event blogging guide. Keyword Research is important part not only for event blog but also every blog or website who exists online. Proper keyword Research and Implement can do your half work. Google provide free Keyword Planner for keyword research. Make your keyword list in notepad which have low competition with high traffic. You can easily ranked on low traffic keywords within a few days. You can read keyword related tutorial here –

Use Google Trends

Without Google Trends you cant start event blog ever. Why? because your 99.99% search coming from google and what is trending on google and what is most searchable query on google. You can find it on Google Trends with country wise sorting.

Platform For Event Blog

Event blogging is easy but not a piece of cake. You have to choose right blogging platform. Without any doubt WordPress is best blogging platform. WordPress can help you to make money from event blogging without any trouble. In opinion choose WordPress. If you don’t have money then without any think go with .blogspot by Google. It is free here you get domain Ex- Here you don’t worry about hosting down and any other problem like this. You can setup your event blog easily.

Create An Event Blog

Now you have to install WordPress in hosting and setup your blog. You can read tutorial here How to create blog in WordPress

Place Ad on Blog

Ad is main source for make money from event blogging and AdSense is best in this, but you can implement Chitika and Revenue Hits ads for increase earning from your event blog / blogspot. Here you can read tutorial about Adsense Ad Placement Guide For Increase AdSense Revenue . You can use affiliate marketing for more revenue. How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Write Quality Content For Event Blog

Quality content is always important, doesn’t matter you doing event blogging or not. You can’t make money from event blogging without content Oh! sorry without quality content. You always target your long tail keyword or main keyword in your long and quality article. Your event blog post covering all yours keywords. If the length of your article is more than 1000 words than writing 15 article is enough and if you write short article then 40 to 45 article is must for get high ranking.

Quality Content will help you to make money from event blogging because you can rank high on search engine with the help of your content.

Create Quality Backlinks

Link building is the most important part in ranking factor. For creating instant quality backlinks you need to find do follow and auto-approves blogs. You can comment on other blog and you don’t have to care about backlinks relevancy. Just comment anything that might attract the site visitor.  You can make backlinks daily or even in a single day. Start Backlink building if you have more than 10 blog post. You can shorten the url if you want to track the clicks from each site.

Avoid comment spamming, don’t create backlink for the same keyword again and again. Don’t create all backlinks D-Follow, No-Follow commenting is must too.

On Page SEO For Event Blog

  • Purchase the domain 6 months before the event.[Domain Age Matters]
  • Use Images with alt tag in blog post
  • Use Meta Tags
  • Go to Keyword Planner and use long tail Keywords
  • For an single post you can get more than 10-15 long tail keywords
  • Don’t do keyword stuffing in the article

Off Page SEO For Event Blog

  • Start Backlink Building after 15 Days and after you have 10 minimum post
  • Don’t build all spammy backlinks. Create some quality backlinks
  • Use your keywords as Anchor Text in backlinks
  • Do all type of Links: Comments, Web 2.0, Profiles, Forums etc

Final Words

Hope this Make Money From Event Blogging guide helps you. If you still need help or any doubts about event blogging guide then you can comment below.

Note:- Best time to start Event Blogging is 5 to 6 month before event date.

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