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Hope you are well, Here i talk about How to Setup CloudFlare Free CDN in WordPress easily. If you have a WordPress based blog it not enough to get success in blogging.

Blogging Industry looks easy but it’s not, for get success you have to cross many steps. Speed and Security of your blog is a important steps to make successful blog or website. CloudFlare free CDN is help you to increase website speed. Slow website lead to a bad user experience. You can use Caching Plugins, Image Optimization and Content Delivery Network methods.

What is CloudFlare ?

CloudFlare is a content delivery network (CDN). Basically it’s a Web Application Firewall and a distributed network of  servers. CloudFlare is available in Free or Paid version, you can use all basic features in free version without any limitation. CloudFlare Free CDN protects and accelerates your blog speed. It protect your blog from block threats and spam attacks.

 How To Setup CloudFlare Free CDN ?

Before you begin you need the following

  • Access to your domain name registrar control panel
  • Access to WordPress admin area

Setup CloudFlare free CDN in WordPress is easy, First you have create Account on CloudFlare.

setup cloudflare free cdn in wordpress, setup cloudflare free cdn in wordpress, steps

Provide the required information and click on the ‘Create Account’ Button. In Next Step add your website.

setup cloudflare free cdn in wordpress, setup cloudflare free cdn in wordpress, steps

Cloudflare now scan your site DNS, it will take 60 seconds and during this scanning time you see an informational video about how CloudFlare works, and how you would proceed with the setup. After the scan finished you will be prompted with your domain name DNS details. Orange Cloud means that you already enables the CloudFlare and Grey Cloud means don’t use the CloudFlare.

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Note: If you start using CloudFlare Free CDN / Paid CDN , It’s recommended to enable it for your both domain name with WWW or without WWW.  Don’t enable CloudFlare for cpanelmail, or FTP.

On the next screen, you will be asked to choose a plan, performance and security settings. Now CloudFlare nameservers prompt appear.  Login to your domain registrar control panel and replace your NameServer by CloudFlare Free CDN Network NS.

Note that it may take up to 72 hours for DNS to propagate worldwide. Once nameservers update has been completed, you will receive an email confirmation message from CloudFlare.

WordPress Installation

CloudFlare have plugin for WordPress with these features

  • One-click WordPress optimization
  • Web application firewall (WAF) rulesets
  • Automatic cache purge
  • Statistics
  • Ability to change Cloudflare settings without needing to open the dashboard

Install CloudFlare plugin and open setting of the plugin. You need to enter API Key for plugin use.  Click on Get your API Key from here button. A window will pop up to open your CloudFlare account where you will be able to find your API Key under API KEY section.

After transferred to your CloudFlare settings page, click on Apply Default Setting section.

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Now you know that how to Setup CloudFlare Free CDN in WordPress in easy way. How much you learn from it tell us in the comment section.

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